Pre-flight jitters


Three days ago I left the country for the first time. For the next several months I’ll be jet-setting through Amsterdam, Istanbul, Athens, Santorini, and finally Vienna. Sitting on the plane, it struck me that two months felt like a rather long time. Nevertheless, I’m eager for the adventure.

Traveling alone feels like a great chance to cut the cord. It’s a context to break free from the daily scripts and mannerisms that emerge in life. A chance to embrace whatever freedom I have inside of me.

Now that I’m off the plane it’s interesting to look back at the pre-flight departures and reviews. I flew with “Aerlingus”. A seven hour flight from Washington D.C. to Dublin followed by another two hours from Dublin to Amsterdam. I am traveling in Aerlingus’ economy section, I was very pleasantly surprised with how prompt our departure was and as someone with long legs, the legroom wasn’t bad. I’m not exactly the queen of England over here,  others had plenty of complaints.

There plenty of things to pay attention to during your flight. If you look out at the Atlantic ocean it almost appears to be a blue matt texture. There is the constant need to remind yourself of airplane statistics and to appreciate how, if something were to go wrong, you could be sucked out and oh to imagine the last terrible minute of life is terrifying. I’ve jumped out of an airplane before and it wasn’t a whole lot of fun. It is humbling, to be amongst so many other people. On this airplane, it is interesting to see the faces of people who travel. The angst, the anticipation, the boredom and the friendliness and at times faux friendliness. The actions on board and the inescapable flatulence of your fellow humans.

There are lots of things to look forward to. The possibility of psychedelics and cannabis in Amsterdam combined with its museums is a fun thought. The ancient churches in Istanbul like the Hagia Sophia. To imagine how many lives have gone through that church is to marvel at life itself. Thinking of the work and engineering which would have been involved to build the aqueducts of Istanbul, I marvel.


First things first however, to Amsterdam!

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